Club Events

Club Events throughout the year include visiting other Clubs in the North, the Annual President`s Dinner and other social events. Annual Membership Fees will be collected from September 2023 onwards. The fee is £63 for 2023/2024. Joining January 2024 there is a reduced fee. Unwaged and students have a reduced fee, please ring and enquire.

We welcome new Members throughout the year.

Meetings 2023

Tuesdays in The John Berry Suite, Hough End, M21 7SX Time ready for 7:45pm

2023 12th September, 10th October, 14th November, 12th December

2023 9th January, 13th February, 12th March (Speech Contest), 9th April (?Topics Contest), 14th May, 11th June (Evaluation contest), 9th July (AGM)

Mark wins South Pennine Speech contest 2022, well done!!

A great evening of speeches from Augustine, Kathryn and Duncan at our President`s Dinner 2023!

Welcome to David and Matt who have recently joined the club and have already participated in our Club evenings!

Great to welcome Kathryn to our President`s Dinner July 2023! Kathryn was one of our Speakers and President of Halifax and Huddersfield Speakers Club!