About Us

The Club is a place to make friends, enjoy visiting neighbouring Speakers Clubs.

The format of the Club is that 3 individuals will have pre prepared their speech and will have a fellow member analysing that speech.

We have now returned to face to face meetings. We have been meeting face to face in Chorlton since November 2021. Each Club night has the same format. there is a different Chair for each Club Night and everyone has the opportunity to take on a role as their confidence grows.

We normally have three prepared speeches and these are evaluated by Members.

Thereafter, the impromptu speaking part of the evening will commence with short 2 minute or 3 minute speeches where all other Members may want to join in.

There is opportunity to engage in competitions when your confidence grows!

Come along and watch a Club night. The evening is always entertaining with a chance to meet people, learn a new skill and develop your confidence.

We are affiliated to the Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC) and are Continuing Professional Development (CPD) certified.